DJ Gezichten door Jos Kottmann

We give a copy of the book DJ FACES away. The book is a project of the Rotterdam photographer Jos Kottmann. We ' m going to fuck the copy among anyone who ordered something online at The GoodPeople for October 26! 
More about the book:

From Chicago, Detroit, New York, Paris, London, Johannesburg and Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Photographer Jos Kottmann (1981) travelled the world for 12 years to capture the icons from the wood-based on the sensitive plate. Sometimes he did 9 years to make an appointment with a big artist. However, he succeeded: on Thursday 17 October, the famous Dutch photographer presents his new book "DJ Faces" during the Amsterdam Dance Event. DJ Faces consists of a comprehensive collection of black and white portraits that reflects the powerful and vulnerable side of the founding fathers of the house scene.

DJ Faces: the development of wood-semuill
Sometimes it took years before the Rotterdam photographer got the 110 DJ ' s so far to be photographed by him. Among other people Carl Cox, Derrick May, Joris Voorn and Sven Väth poseerden for the book. Usually in the hotel, on the street and sometimes quickly in the club before or after the booking. " Often I tried to combine photography with other jobs. Sometimes that did n' t work and I really flew into the world for that one picture. DJ Faces shows not only my musical heroes, but also demonstrates the process of how house music has developed and spread over the world, ' says Kottmann.

Citaten & personal stories
The raw black-white picture is showing the open and pure side of the DJ ' s. Also the quotes and personal stories give the work extra charge. Kottmann has succeeded in putting down a realistic picture of the people behind the music. On the cover of DJ Faces, the American musician and music producer Osunlade is visible, which describes DJ Faces as "a family album of sorteert". He also wrote-along with producer and international diskjockey Derrick May-the prologists of the book.

Jos Kottmann Fotografie
At the age of 14, his love began to create music for house. Jos Kottmann offerde everything for his hobby and combined that with his training at the Fotoacademy. From now on, he took his camera everywhere and he started photographing at parties and clubs. No Jos without a camera, no party without Jos. This was the basis for a website that grew rapidly to the online platform in the wood-cene: 'Love2Party'. From that moment, Kottmann was on every guest list and got the chance to meet several DJ ' s backstage after their gigs. With some he even built a close connection, which you see well in many portraits in the book.

Exposition DJ Faces
On Thursday, October 17, Jos launches his book and exhibits the life-great black-white portraits in 5 & 33 Gallery. That the exhibition and the launch of DJ Faces takes place during Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 is of course no coincidence. DJ Faces is for sale in our shop from 17 October. From 14 October to 22 November, the exhibition is shown at 5 & 33 Gallery in Amsterdam.