De GoodPeople-De Brandfilm

10 years have passed. From a single elleboog-patched Jersey to entire collections of over 150 products in a decade. Now that the eleventh year is breaking up, the goal of The GoodPeople has become even more clear-bring the brand to the next level and make a positive impact!

Founder Ivo van Deyzen once again emphasizes that the fair way of working is super important. Not only in his own workplace, but also in the factories. " We 've been working with these family companies for years, where we' ve regularly come across the floor. In this way we know for sure that all our products are produced in a clean, fair and qualitative way.

The GoodPeople produces completely in Europe and for the largest part in Portugal. The Rotterdam brand decided to invite Freshmen Media to come and take a look at the process. With pride, The GoodPeople presents her first fire movie, geniet!